Where did "I" go?

I have this discussion with parents on a daily basis. Where did I go? Your entire world changes after you have children, as it should. You now have other humans to take care of and cater to on a daily, often hourly, basis. The crying infants turn into stubborn toddlers. And those toddlers give you a peek of what the teenaged years will look like. All in all, it is a WONDERFUL and beautiful life. However, you will find yourself wondering what happened to that woman inside the mom bod. What happed to the adventurous, carefree, exciting person that you used to be? She is still there. But things look very different now and that is perfectly fine!

To the moms out there that are struggling on two hours of sleep, struggling to find energy to fill those lunch boxes every day, elated to have a hot bath ALONE only to be interrupted by a toddler just as your zen was "zenning", I SEE YOU!

Find...no scratch that...MAKE time for YOU. Make time to be alone and process thoughts. Make time to do something that YOU love. I have found that my thing often includes painting, reading or crafting (and not with finger paint or play dough). It will make you feel human again and we all deserve that.