Chelsea is a rockstar! She handled pregnancy like a champ while taking care of her four-year-old. She worked as a physical therapist right up until she had her little baby boy. She handled labor just like she handles life. Gracefully. When you get to know Chelsea, you will realize that she is an old soul and has a kind heart. Her love of all things and people is admirable. Her strong nurturing nature is evident in her work as well as her life. She has always taken care of those less fortunate and those less able. I admire her strength in life and her passion for the well being of children. So, it is only fitting that she have two "Graceful" children. Aislyn Grace was first followed by Grayson.

Chelsea, It was an honor being there for the labor and delivery of both of your children. I love them like they are my own and I am so proud to be your sister. Thanks for getting me through the tough times and always being so strong in life.
I love you.
Rest in Peace momma... Melissa Moore, September 1968-2021

What is a birthing session?

A birthing session is a session that takes place at the time of birth. Whether you are having a home birth, hospital birth or a c-section this is a moment that you will never forget. No matter how that little baby comes into this world they are a special gift given to you by God. Babies change minute by minute when they are newborns. That is why it is so important to capture those moments. I cherish the images I have of my own labor and delivery. I cherish the image of that first tear rolling down my face as I met my daughter for the first time. The "moment" is just that...a moment. It goes by so quickly and these sessions are created to freeze time and give you images that will last a lifetime.