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Janae had a beautiful venue booked for her wedding. The venue was barn-like with a modern flair. The gorgeous "all white" room was dedicated as the bridal suite. It was complete with a white claw foot tub and sliding barn doors. It certainly was "fit for a princess".

Janae looked absolutely amazing in her gown and the morning seemed to flow flawlessly as she took each step toward getting ready for her ceremony! Her niece, Micah, was enamored by her "princess" appearance and began following her and twirling her dress around in an attempt to feel as fairy-tale-like as her aunt. These are the moments that I love as a photographer. These are memories that will last a lifetime!

It is true that the ceremony is for both participants...but let's be honest and just admit that this day is for the bride. We encourage her to relax and enjoy the day. Weddings are always buzzing. There are florists, cake decorators, DJ's, videographers and caterers running around everywhere. But in the midst of the chaos there should be one place of complete peace. The bridal suite is so important for giving the bride her moment to sit down, journal, write vows, pray about the day, and enjoy every single second of build up to the impending nuptials.