empowering photoshoots for women

What to wear

(Just suggestions)


Our fake "shower" creates stunning images for either topless or nude photos! I am super careful to not show anything you aren't comfortable with so you can control your level of skin!


Buy the lingerie! Take the risk! We all have flaws and I am not here to completely remove YOU from the photo. These sessions are about highlighting what you love about your body!


The feedback I get after almost EVERY session is that my client felt beautiful. THAT is what these sessions are all about! Wear something that makes YOU feel like YOU!


From baggy T-shirts to blue jeans I have seen a little bit of everything during these sessions and guess what? Your man LOVES seeing you in what makes you most comfortable. So, bring the tank and panties set, jeans, or even cowgirl boots that make you "feel like a Woman".

Helpful tips:

Wear loose fitting clothing to the shoot to prevent lines from tight clothing like bras and panties. (go commando)

Please no spray tans

(if you like the way they look on camera then please let it be at least 48 hours since your last one so we won't have to worry about stains on the furniture)

Show up with hair and makeup done so we don't lose valuable shooting time

Please feel free to text me photos of your possible outfit choices (870) 318-6291

How will my photos be edited?

I do minimal editing to photos because I fully believe to truly embrace ourselves means to embrace it all! I pose in the most flattering ways with the most flattering lighting, so we will definitely speak before hand on what you love most about yourself and what you may want to de-emphasize.

As for editing, I do light skin softening, removal of anything temporary, typically acne, bruises, etc…, and I typically don’t edit out anything permanent like freckles, moles, stretch marks etc. Again, this is your shoot, so if you have a special request please let me know before the day of your shoot so I can plan to accommodate you as best as I can!

*Extra fees may apply for altering/removing things like braces.

What should I bring?

Props: could include Halloween type costumes, props that go with your outfit, jewelry, his favorite hat, his shirt, his tie, military items, ect.

*Guns are allowed in the studio for these sessions. Just make sure it is unloaded and the safety is on. Alcohol is also allowed as long as you don't over consume or as long as you have a driver.

Can I bring someone with me?

I typically recommend against this, especially if it’s for a one-hour shoot, I want the session you’re investing in to be the best experience it can be, and sometimes, if a significant other tags along, it can cause some added stress or nerves. I have had several women bring along a friend, and it’s fun! Just please let me know if someone is planning to come and inform them that photos during the shoot are not permitted, and negative comments are not welcome and could be grounds for me asking them to leave. I want this to be an amazing experience for YOU. You know your relationships and friendships better than me, so if you know bringing someone along won’t be a distraction from your “why” for this shoot, feel free! If you have any other questions on this matter, just ask!

What can I expect after my shoot?

After you leave the studio, I get to work! Typically you will receive your gallery within 1-2 weeks, sometimes it can be sooner, others can be closer to the 3 week mark depending on my workload at the time of your session. I do not rush through editing, so it's worth the wait, promise! Then you will receive your watermarked online gallery. Once you download your photos the watermark will come off-I just put it on there to save you from accidentally printing screenshots - the quality is terribleeeeeee! I don't want you wasting any of your hard earned moo-lah! I do still offer products, you're welcome to look at during your session, and you can purchase them right from your gallery or message me if you have questions!

Do you take payments?


You have two options for when you book your session, you can pay in full at the time of booking, or you can pay a $75 retainer the day of booking, then the remaining balance by the day of your session. Retainer or payment in full must be paid to be added to my calendar. The remainder must be paid by the day of the session UNLESS we have decided on a payment plan.

What they say...

"I honestly was so nervous before the shoot. I almost cancelled because I was terrified. But during the session courtney made me feel so comfortable that i actually had fun! when i got my album i was stunned. the photos were amazing and they actually looked like the best version of me! my husband loved his anniversary gift. not sure how I will top this next year"

"Courtney understands a womans body and really made me feel comfortable. i even decided the day of the session to do the shower scene and turned out incredible. Thank you!"

"i've never really felt like a sexy girl. but my boyfriend really liked the idea of getting a boudoir album for christmas so i went for it. for all the insecure ladies out there: DO IT. You won't regret it. it turned out to be a gift for me just as much as for him"